Civetta Movie is a production company that comes to life in the province of Ferrara (Italy), land that gave birth to great names in the world of both national and international cinema, including Michelangelo Antonioni, Carlo Rambaldi and Pupi Avati; an area that also inspired Bernardo Bertolucci, Giovannino Guareschi, Cesare Zavattini, Tonino Guerra and Federico Fellini, among others.Civetta Movie hopes to take advantage of this fabric imbued with film culture and artistic inspiration for its future creations.The Production House is in charge of the planning and development of film projects and television formats, beginning with the selection and writing of the theme up to the making of a video footage for documentaries, feature films, short films, videos for awareness campaigns, music videos, TV commercials, television programs and pieces of work for the web.

In order to produce high-quality audio-visual creations, Civetta Movie makes use of avant-garde technical equipment, both in terms of filming and editing and post-production stages.Civetta Movie looks at the world through its camera lens, wide open like the eyes of an owl (“Civetta” in Italian). Like the bird that inspires its name, the company metaphorically flaps its wings, and tries to perfect its flight with different audio-visual projects, ensuring great professionalism and paying careful attention to every detail … because we believe that details are the key to bring every emotion captured by the camera to the screen, making it more authentic.